cabaña boy



 cannon balls

 cannon restraint rope

 cannons at harbor

  • Located in the Plunder Town Harbor in Part Three.
  • To buy better cannons, talk to Kenny.
  • You can only buy better cannons when you have won a sword duel.
  • To win a duel, you must fight with the pirates at sea.
  • The more pirates you defeat, the better cannons you can buy.
  • The cannons you can buy are Buccaneer's Buddy, Ouch-Master, Holemaker Deluxe, Paingiver 2000, Mr. Massacre and Destructomatic T-47 where the last one is most powerful.

 Captain Blondebeard

 Captain Rottingham

  • Located in the Barber shop in Part Two and on the Navigational chart in Part Three.
  • In Part Two, get rid of him by using the lice on the comb.
  • In Part Three, you must defeat him in a sword fight to win back your map. Before you challenge him, you should get practise by beating the pirates at sea.
  • When you challenge him, he will do the insulting, and you the answering. You will use the answers you learned from the pirates at sea.
  • Here is the list with his insults and the answers you should use.
    • My attacks have left entire islands depopulated!
      With your breath, I'm sure they all suffocated.
    • You have the sex appeal of a Shar-Pei.
      I look THAT much like your fiancée?
    • When I'm done, your body will be rotted and putrefied!
      Then killing you must be justifiable fungicide.
    • Your looks would make pigs nauseated.
      If you don't count all the ones you've dated.
    • Your lips look like they belong on the catch of the day.
      When I'm done with YOU, you'll be a boneless fillet.
    • I give you a choice. You can be gutted, or decapitated!
      With you around, I'd prefer to be fumigated.
    • You're a disgrace to your species, you're so undignified!
      At least mine can be identified.
    • I can't tell which of my traits has you the most intimidated.
      Your odor alone makes me aggravated, agitated and infuriated.
    • I have never lost a mêlée!
      You would have, but you were always running away.
    • Nothing on this earth can save your sorry hide!
      The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde.
    • You'll find I'm dogged and relentless to my prey!
      Then be a good dog. Sit! Stay!
    • Your stench would make an outhouse cleaner irritated!
      Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated.
    • Your mother wears a toupee!
      Oh, that is so cliché!
    • My skills with a sword are highly venerated.
      Too bad they're all fabricated.
    • Never before have I faced someone so sissified.
      Is that your face? I thought it was your backside.
    • Nothing can stop me from blowing you away!
      I could, if you would use some breath spray.

 carved figurehead

 carved tombstone

 chafing dish


 chalk numbers

 champagne bottle


 chewed gum

 chicken coop

 chicken grease



 cliff face


 cliff top

 clock tower


 club card


 coffee maker


 coffin lid

 coffin nails




 completed diamond ring

 cooking oil

 cooking pot




 crack between doors






 crumbling hole


 crypt exit

 cursed diamond ring



 Cutthroat Bill