laminated business card


 lantern post



 LeChuck mask

 LeChuck's unused comb



 Level 2 Cannons

 Level 3 Cannons

 Level 4 Cannons

 Level 5 Cannons

 Level 6 Cannons


 life-saving vine


 locked door

 log pile




 Madame Xima


 magic hat

 magic wand



 'mashed potatoes'


 massive seething caldera

 Maximum Firepower

 measuring cup

 Mega Monkey

  • When you start a new game, you can select between two game modes. The second mode is called Mega Monkey mode and is just like Normal mode, but with more puzzles to solve.

 memorial wreath

 meringue pie



 mirror frame

 Monty Meringue™


 Mort's novel

 Mr. Fossey




 music box


 mysterious door


 nacho chip maker


 naturalist remains

 navigational chart

 neon sign



 Old Blind Pew

 old phone books

 old portraits

 ornamental skulls