So, ya want to download the demo of the game, do ya? Or is it the savegame files that brought you here? Well, this is the right place to come to then. Click on the link below to go to the savegames page.

Download Savegames

The demo is located at LucasArts Official Site and could take a while to download, especially if you have a slow modem connection. Also, don't forget to download the intro movie at the bottom of the page.

Download Demo

Download file size: 18.2 MB. Self-extracting archive.
The Curse of Monkey Island Demo requires Microsoft DirectX 3.0a

Download DirectX 3.0a

Download file size: 6 MB. Self-extracting archive.
Required for The Curse of Monkey Island Demo

The Curse of Monkey Island system requirement:

Pentium computer 16MB RAM, a mouse input device and Windows 95.

Instructions for installing and running:

Extract the demo by double-clicking on the cursedemo.exe icon. The demo is self-extracting.

I recommend that you read the readme file to get the most up to date information about installing, running and playing The Curse of Monkey Island Demo.

Intro AVI movie

Also download the intro movie by clicking on the image below.
The file size is 11 MB.

Download Intro Movie

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