This page includes pictures from the game. The pictures are divided in three sections: items, scenes and characters. Click on the different parts of the coin above to go to the sections. The hand leads to the items, the skull to the scenes and the parrot to the characters.

  • The Item Maps is where all the items you can pick up in the game are. By clicking any of these images, you will come to the correspondent part in the dictionary.
  • If you think the dictionary is difficult to work with, the Scene Maps is the place you should visit. Not only are there all the rooms and locations from the game, but you can also click on any hotspot on the image, just like you do in the game. I really recommend this section if you don't remember the name of the hotspot you need help on.
  • Finally, the Characters page is where all the persons in the game are presented. Also here, there are links that lead to the right part in the dictionary.

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