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Welcome to The Curse of Monkey Island Hint Guide. This guide will provide you with hints without spoiling the game like most walkthrus do. All the hotspots of the game are included in this guide and you can look them up by going to the Dictionary. A hotspot is something you can interact with in the game. Examples of hotspots are small pirate and cannon balls. You can also go to the Pictures page where you will find clickable image maps from the game. I have also included a regular Walkthru in case you want to read one.

In the Download page you will find the demo version of the game and an AVI movie with the intro. You will also find savegame files here. If you need help on navigating through the site, you can look up the Help page to find additional help. Finally, if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to tell me what you think about the guide, feel free to send an E-mail to me.

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