This page presents all the characters of the game. They are divided into five categories: General, Plunder Island, Blood Island, Skull Island and Monkey Island. Click on the characters' names (except Guybrush's) to get to the dictionary where you can read information about the character.

General Characters

Guybrush Threepwood is the mighty pirate and hero of the game. It is his mission to defeat LeChuck and rescue Elaine once again in this third Monkey Island adventure.

Elaine Marley is the popular governor who is frequently courted by the Undead Pirate LeChuck. Elaine's sole love interest (however sporadic), has always been Guybrush and she loves him for his incompetence.

The Undead Pirate LeChuck's main problems are that he can't stay dead and he can't get over Elaine. Add to that a perpetual hygiene problem and a love of sadistic torture, and you'll understand why they never made a musical about his life.

Wally decided it was easier to make a career change than spend the rest of his life as LeChuck's prisoner. Besides, this way he never has to attend another cartographer convention nor go to workshops on "Latitude vs. Longitude: The Great Debate" or "The Equator: More Than an Imaginary Line".

The talking skull Murray has the mysterious ability to appear everywhere. He sees himself as a powerful demonic force, but is about as fearsome as a doorstop. And I don't mean a really EVIL looking doorstop!

Plunder Island Characters

The Voodoo Priestess is the mysterious wielder of uncanny other- worldly power. She also makes a killer gumbo. Whenever Guybrush is really stumped, she usually comes through with the help he needs to figure things out - sort of like a personal Tech Support Line that sells shrunken heads.

The small pirate Kenny Falmouth thinks it would be neat if you bought some of his lemonade. It's a very healthful drink that only costs a nickel. Best of all, he's got a bottomless mug policy!

The barber pirate Haggis McMutton only serves a captain that can earn him respect. And a man can only do that by besting him in a time-honored test o' streangth. He's talking about the traditional Highland display of streangth and virility ... the caber toss!

The dapper pirate Edward Van Helgen would never serve a captain who wasn't a gentleman and who wasn't his equal. If you want to duel with him, you have to give him sufficient insult.

The salty pirate Cutthroat Bill won't serve you unless you show him that you are a real treasure hunter. You have to come back when you have some real treasure to show him.

Captain René Rottingham sees himself as the most cunning and well-groomed captain ever to sail the Caribbean. He's very obsessed with his hair. His scalp is lovingly massaged with the finest creams and oils in the world, twice daily!

The actor Slappy Cromwell was compelled to rewrite Shakespeare, because no single person was coming to any of his performances. He contracted the brilliance of decades into a forty-five minute revue: 'SPEARE' - A theatrical medley!

The hideous pirate is actually a spokesmodel. But what he really wants to do is act. He thinks that people don't take you seriously when you're a spokesmodel.

The pirate-eating snake will eat up Guybrush during his pathfinding to Danjer Cove. You have to find a way to get out of this fearsome snake.

Captain Blondebeard owns the Chicken shop where he usually sells chickens. But not since El Pollo Diablo, the demon chicken turned loose all his chickens. He is convinced that some day, El Pollo Diablo will return. But he will be ready for him. And a seven-foot chicken means that his business will be thriving once more!

The quiet patron is awfully reserved for a pirate. He has a button that says 'Ask Me About Grim Fandango' but is really bad at marketing!

The First Mate of The Sea Cucumber, Mr. Fossey, will punish you if you enter his captain's ship. You can either be tarred and feathered or you can walk the plank. But he's trying to avoid using the tar and feathers, because he needs to save the tar for emergency leak repair.

The dread pirate LeChimp, the scourge of the Seven Seas, is the captain of The Sea Cucumber. Mr. Fossey is the only guy who can talk to this ape.

The cabaña boy won't let you use any of the club's amenities unless you are a member of the Brimstone Beach Club. Without a membership card you are not permitted on the beach and you can not use any of their towels.

The sunbathing Palido Domingo is Slappy Cromwell's high-powered talent agent who took care of all his travels. He has the map to Blood Island tatooed on his back, but won't roll over until he's tanned. And he's incredibly pale!

Blood Island Characters

The proprietor of The Goodsoup Plantation Resort Hotel and Casino, Griswold Goodsoup, isn't very happy about being left there. He has no guests, no food and no entertainment since the volcano, which was the main attraction, stopped erupting. Without that, the resort just lost its appeal.

Madame Xima is a mistress of the ancient arts of precognition and augury. In other words, she is a fortune teller. If you're not careful, she could put a curse on you that would make every morsel of food you eat become a ravenous cockroach inside your intestines.

The gravedigger of Blood Island, Mort, won't let you out until you show him that you are a really frightening ghost trapped in the Goodsoup family crypt.

The smelly Old Blind Pew is not very social. You will need his hair for the bartender's hangover remedy, but it will only have effect if the old dog bites you.

Ever since Guybrush locked Stan in a coffin, he had plenty of time to think about the things that really matter. If you want to buy a life insurance, he is the man to talk to. Just bear in mind that wooden nickels won't do any good as payment.

Minnie Goodsoup is the last in a long line of eligible Goodsoup debutants. She was buried in the Goodsoup family crypt exactly one week after her wedding day. A wedding day that never came. Her fiancé stole the fantastic Goodsoup diamond and sold it to smugglers on Skull Island. She died of a broken heart.

Charles DeGoulash is the guest that never left the hotel. Goodsoup had his room sealed and vowed never to enter that hateful place again. He is a man that Minnie could have fallen for. But she never saw him again since he checked into the hotel.

The Flying Welshman is the ferryman between Blood and Skull Island trapped for so very long in the icy ocean mists. He's not going out there again until he's sure to make it there safely. If you can find a compass to him, he will take you to Skull Island.

The islander Lemonhead is still waiting for the featured guest from one of the other islands so that he can start their ritual offering to the lactose intolerant volcano god Sherman by Mt Acidophilus.

         Skull Island Characters

The winch operator Effete LaFoot is only a temp. The usual elevator operator, Brawnbeard is sick, so he's filling in. Although he's never used the rickety elevator before, he's the only one who could lower Guybrush down to the Smugglers' cave.

Cruff is one of the two smugglers of Skull Island. He is the associate of King André which runs the smugglers' business. He and his partner are very fond of cards. Poker, in particular.

King André is the smuggler who has the Goodsoup family diamond. It is the centerpiece of his collection. The fantastic energy flowing through it is the key to all his power! If you can defeat them at poker, you win the diamond. But you will have to pay to enter the game.

Monkey Island Characters

Dinghy Dog™ is the most popular character in the Carneval of the Damned. He will let you pick any of the prizes you want if he can't guess your weight or your age. And there's no catch. It's just that easy!

The man in the giant smelly rat suit, Wharf Rat™, is taking care of the Blow the Man Down event in the Carneval of the Damned field. Hit the funny clown and win a fantastic prize. The only problem is, it's only for big kids.

The soda jerk has every kind of cones imaginable. He has the most distinct types of snow cones in the world. In fact his cones are so original, so inventive and unique that most are completely inedible.

Monty Meringue™ is the mime you must hit with the meringue pie cannon to win a prize from Wharf Rat™.

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