This walkthru is for normal game mode only. The walkthru cannot be used in parts. In order to use the walkthru correctly, you need to read it from the beginning or you may miss some important information.

1. The Demise of the Zombie Pirate LeChuck

You begin the game in the Dungeon. Here, talk to the small pirate, and keep talking to him until you can select the phrase "You're a failure as a pirate". Select the phrase and he gets upset. When he starts to cry, he will throw away his plastic hook. Pick it up and also pick up the ramrod on the wall. Now open your inventory chest and use the plastic hook with the ramrod. Use the cannon, and a mini game will appear. Here, you have to shoot the four boats. Aim with the mouse and shoot with the mouse button. When you have sunk all the boats, walk out of the scene to the left and you will enter a new scene. Here, use your gaff with the floating debris. Walk back into the Dungeon and there use your cutlass with the cannon restraint rope. Now, use the cannon again. After the cutscene, pick up the bag and the ring under it. Use the ring with the porthole.

2. The Curse Gets Worse

This part starts by the Fort. Pick up the glowing ember by the boat. Walk out of the scene to the right and you will come to a scene showing the whole Plunder Island. Walk to the Swamp and after you have talked to Murray, enter the Wrecked ship. Use the bag of nickels with the gumball machine and you will get a pack of gum. Pick up the pin. Pull the alligator tongue and the Voodoo Priestess will appear. She will help you with your mission. When you have talked to her, go to the Plunder Island map and enter the Puerto Pollo town. Walk into the backdoor of the theater (the one with the "Speare!" sign) and you will come to the Backstage. Pick up the dandruff, the glove and the magic wand. Use the magic wand with the magic hat. Pick up the book that appears. Go back to the town scene and enter the Barber shop on the east side of the town (the one with the "Barbery Coast" sign).

3. Attacked by the Hair Demons

Pick up the jawbreaker and then use the lice with the comb. When Captain Rottingham is gone, use the barber chair and while you're sitting there, use the handle. Use the handle three more times. When you reach the ceiling, pick up the scissors. Walk out of the Barber shop and go to the west side of the town. Use the scissors with the mysterious flowers to get the ipecac flower. Use the scissors with the undergrowth to make a path. On the next scene, walk to the sign and you will be eaten by a snake. Pick up the Faberge egg inside the snake and then pick up the vacuum cleaner attachments and lots-o-stuff on the same place. Use the pancake syrup with the ipecac flower and then use the syrup of ipecac with the snake head. By the Quicksand, pick up the reeds and thorny plant. Use the helium balloons with the paperweight and blow the floating balloon. Use the hollow reed with the thorn and use your pea shooter with the floating balloon.

4. How To Find Treasure

Before you can enter the pirate ship, you need a few more things, so go to the right to exit the scene. In Puerto Pollo, enter the Chicken shop which is located to the right of the path you made. When Captain Blondebeard asks you about the reservation slip, answer "Of course" and then give the jawbreaker to him. Also give some pack of gum to him and use the pin on his bubble. Pick up the gold tooth and push the quiet patron. Pick up the serrated bread knife and the club card and exit the scene. Go to the east side of the town and to the Field of competition and enter the Grassy knoll. Use the serrated bread knife with the sawhorse and the ember on stick on the trail of rum.

5. Finding a Ship

Exit the town and go to the Danjer Cove on the west side of the island. Use the boat and row to the pirate ship. Use the serrated bread knife on the plank and then walk on deck. As tar-and-feathers, walk back to the Chicken shop and you will end up in the Ship cabin. Use the book (ventriloquism book) with LeChimp and open the porthole. Exit the scene through the porthole. Now you have your ship. Go to the Backstage in Puerto Pollo and walk to the next floor. At the stage controls pull the handle. In the Backstage, use the chicken grease with the cannon balls. Walk to the Stage on the right side of the Backstage and pick up the shovel.

6. Finding Your Crew

Go to the Barber shop and give the gold tooth to the salty pirate and he will join your crew. Talk to the barber pirate and ask him if he will join your crew. When he talks about caber toss, say "Sounds great! Let's do it!". After the challenge, he will join your crew. Back in the Barber shop, use the glove on the dapper pirate to challenge him in a duel. On the field, close the box lid and open the banjo case. Now pay attension to when he plays the banjo, because you have to play the same sequence. Take notes if you need, and when it's your turn, hit the right strings. Try it again and again until you beat him. When he plays really fast, examine the gun pile and pick up the pistol. Use it on the dueling banjo to win the duel. Now you have your crew.

7. Finding the Map

On the Plunder Island map, walk to the Canaņa on the east side of the island. Give the club card to the cabaņa boy and pick up three towels. Use the dry towels on the ice bucket and use the wet towels on the cabaņa boy. Pick up the cooking oil and enter the next scene to the right. Walk on the Cabaņa beach and then use the wet towels on the hot sand three times. Pick up the mug, open the gate and exit the scene. Walk to the west side of Puerto Pollo and switch your mug with the mug by the small pirate. Now talk to him and say "I'd like to buy some lemonade". When the boy is gone, pick up the pitcher and use it with the dye vat to the right. Go back to the Brimstone Beach and give the bottomless mug to the sunbather. Use the pitcher with red dye on the bottomless mug and the cooking oil on the map. Now pick up the map and exit the scene.

8. Three Sheets to the Wind

When Guybrush finally got his ship, crew and map, Captain Rottingham comes and takes the map away from him. And you must have the map to find Blood Island. After the pirate song, Haggis McMutton will ask you if you need help with the Ship Combat or not. If you select "I love a tought sea battle...", Hard Ship Combat is selected, otherwise Easy Ship Combat. You can talk to McMutton at any time to switch between these two modes. On Deck, examine the navigational chart and a new scene will appear. You are the ship that is standing still. Two other ships are there too. One is Captain Rottingham and the other is marked with a "?". Doubleclick by the "?" to combat that ship. You will now enter a scene where you have to shoot down your opponent to defeat him. Consult with your game manual for details. When you finally defeat the pirates, you will start an insult sword fight. If you listened to Captain Rottingham, you know how to win the fight, otherwise, look up pirates at sea. Whenever you win a duel, go to the Plunder Town Harbor located at the top left part of the Navigational chart. Here, you can buy better cannons. Look up cannons at harbor for details. Learn as many insults as you can. All the insults are listed under pirates at sea in the dictionary. When you finally face Captain Rottingham himself, he will do the insulting and you will have to use the answer insults you learned from the pirates. A complete list with his insults can be found under Captain Rottingham in the dictionary.

9. The Bartender, the Thieves, his Aunt and her Lover

You begin this part by the Shipwreck. Talk to Haggis McMutton and talk about that big bottle of lotion of his. Ask him if you can have it and he will make a deal with you. You will have it later in the game. Now pick up the bottle in the sand. Walk out of the scene and on the Blood Island map, click on the Hotel on the center of the map. Enter the hotel to get to the Lobby where you talk to the fortune teller. Ask her to see what the cards say and she will put a card on the table. When you have talked to her, pick up the five tarot cards. Walk to the left side of the room and pick up the cushion. Exit the hotel and go to the Cemetery by clicking on the upper left side outside the Hotel. You can also get here from the island map. In the Cemetery, walk to the left to come to a Workplace. Pick up the doggy treats and give them to the old dog. Pick up the smelly dog hair, the mallet and the chisel. Exit the scene and the Cemetery.

10. The Place Where You Will DIE

By the Blood Island map, go to the Windmill on the far left side of the island. Here, pick up the pepper and exit the scene. Go to the Beach on the lower right side of the island. Use the cushion on the rocks and the mallet on the rubber tree. Go back to the Hotel and in the Lobby, give the smelly dog hair, pepper and egg to the bartender. Say that you would like to have a drink. Pick up the empty jar. Use the chisel on the Head-B-Clear to open it and use the Head-B-Clear on The Bloated Tick or whatever the drink in front of the bartender is called. Now drink the spiked drink.

11. Being a Member of the Goodsoup Family

Use the chisel on the lower right coffin to get out of it. Pick up all the coffin nails and then use the chisel on the coffin in the center of the scene. Go back to the Hotel and in the Hallway on the second floor open the left door and in that scene use the mallet with the nail. Go back to the Hallway and pick up the nail. Enter the room to the right and pull the bed. Use the coffin nails on the bed and also the nail on the bed. Pick up the book. Go to the Lobby and talk to the bartender. When you have talked to him a bit, you can ask why you weren't buried with his aunt. Now say "Uncle Griswold! It's me!..." and then "I could just talk about Goodsoup history all day". Talk to Goodsoup again and ask him for another drink. Use the Head-B-Clear with the grog and drink the spiked drink. Go to the left and enter the next scene to the left. Pick up the crowbar and walk to the crack. Pick up Murray and look through the crack. Use your skeleton arm on the lantern to get it. Use Murray with the lantern. Now go out of the crypt to the far right and go back to the Hotel.

12. How To Get a Lot of Money

In the Lobby, open the door by the neon sign to enter the room and use the chisel on the wheel o' cheese. Pick up the death certificate and the refrigerator magnet. Go upstairs to the Bedroom and use the crowbar on the boarded hole. Now use the crowbar with the bed and after the cutscene pick up the engagement band. Exit the crypt and enter the other crypt which is now Stan's office. Talk to Stan and say you want to buy some insurance. Suggest the authentic pirate tooth as payment. Now give back the insurance policy to Stan. Go to the Windmill and open the door. Use the empty jar with the barrel and exit the scene. Walk to the strange lights on the island map.

13. The Revenge of Mt Acidophilus

In the Village, pick up the block of tofu, the auger and the measuring cup. Use the auger on the block of tofu and use the tofu mask. Walk to the next scene to the right and talk to the islander. By the Volcano, use some un-melted hunk of nacho cheese on the massive seething caldera. Walk back to the Hotel and use the un-melted hunk of nacho cheese on the cooking pot outside the hotel. Pick up the cooking pot and by the Shipwreck pick up the slippery greasy hand lotion. Use the measuring cup on the seawater. Use the pin with the refrigerator magnet and then with the cork. Use the cork with the measuring cup. Go to Elaine by the Clearing and use the jar of water with the stump. Use the auger with the jar lid and then the jar lid on the fireflies. Walk back to the island map and go to the Lighthouse on the south part of the island. Use the lantern on the lantern post. Go to the Beach and talk to the mysterious figure. Say that you want a ride out to Skull Island.

14. The Smugglers at Skull Island

On the Cliff top on Skull Island, talk to the winch operator and ask him to lower you down to the Smugglers' cave. While you are falling, quickly use the umbrella or you will fall down in the water. If you fail, go back to the Cliff top and retry it. In the Smugglers' cave, say "I have got SO much money.." and then ask them to make a deal. Answer "Sound fun!..." and while you are playing poker, take a look in your inventory and use the weak hand with the tarot cards. Go back to the Clearing where Elaine is and use the slippery greasy hand lotion on the cursed diamond ring. Pull the cursed diamond ring and then use the engagement band with the enormous diamond. Use the completed diamond ring on Elaine's left ring finger.

15. Kiss of the Spider Monkey

While you are talking to LeChuck, you can select "I've heard enough of your evil stories!..." after a while. When LeChuck is gone, open the door to get to the next scene. Push Dinghy Dog™ four times until he bites you. Now talk to him and ask him how to win one of his prizes. Bet that he can't guess how old you are and say you want the anchor. Pick up the anchor and use it on the stack of meringue pies. Open the gate and look through the hole. Go to the right side of the scene and pick up the pepper mill. Talk to the soda jerk and then use the plain snowcone with the pepper mill and with the meringue pie. Use the disgusting snowcone with the Dinghy Dog™ hair and eat it.

16. Guybrush Kicks Butt Once Again

Now you are riding the roller coaster. Jump off to the first scene. If you miss it, you can take it on the next turn. Pick up the fallen rope and jump on the next waggon. If LeChuck appears, don't do anything, just wait for the next waggon. On the next stop pick up the keg o' rum. Jump onto the waggon and in the next scene pick up the flask o' oil. Finally, jump off the waggon by the Giant Snow Monkey scene and walk to the top of the scene. Here use the fallen rope with the flask o' oil and then on the keg o' rum. Use the explosive keg o' rum with the Dynamo-Monkelectric Giant Snow Monkey arm and walk to the lower part of the scene. Here, wait for LeChuck to appear and when he does, use the pepper mill on him.

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